Propose Your Presentation

Session submissions are open until May 31. All selected sessions will be scheduled at the latest by Mon Jun 6 (including rooms & times).

We're seeking innovative presentation proposals on the latest Drupal topics & trends.

Some suggested presentation topics include:

  • Strategy, scaleability & scaleability
  • Media, multilingual & project management
  • UX, design & usability
  • Social platforms & APIs (Twitter, Facebook, Google, Messaging tools etc.)
  • Theming and front end development
  • ... and more -- pick your Drupal passion!!!

Please login to propose your presentation. Note that the time allotted for each presentation is generally about 45 mins, and presentations often involve a 25-35 min presentation, with 10-20 mins left for questions.

If you have any other questions about proposing a presentation please send us an email at