Back to Basics: Using Core Base Themes in Drupal 8

Using Classy or Stable as a starting point for your next Drupal theme

In Drupal 7, I used contrib base themes like Bootstrap, Omega, or Zen as a starting point for most of the themes I created. Primarily, themers use base themes to improve accessibility, get more semantic markup, make responsive websites, and save time.

The Drupal 8 theme system provides more accessible, semantic markup in core and is responsive out-of-the-box. It's the perfect time to try theming without a contrib base theme. If you're deciding how to structure your first Drupal 8 theme and which base theme to use, this is the talk for you. The talk will include:

  • Overview of Drupal 8 core themes
  • Tips for building a responsive theme from scratch
  • Adding a grid system 
  • Responsive navigation 
  • Structuring CSS or SASS
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Schedule Details
Sessions Day 1 (Sat Jul 9)
11:30am - 12:15pm
Room Conference Room 6