Being a Tech-Focused B Corp:

The Substance of a Social Enterprise

As a web dev company in the open source space, saying you "do good" is easy.  (It's generally true.)  But actually working to redefine the way that a tech business works is a much tougher challenge.  B Corporations have emerged as a new breed of companies that define their bottom lines not just by profit, but also by their social and environmental impact.  Becoming a B Corporation requires a rigorous certification process that examines how a company functions, what kind of impact it has on the world, and how it distributes the value it creates.  It's not just marketing-speak, it's about a fundamental difference in how an organization thinks, acts, and operates.  


Message Agency is a recent "Best for the World" (2014 & 2015) designee by B Labs, the nonprofit that certifies B Corporations.  Its principal will discuss what being a social enterprise in open source means for his company, how they got here, and how they've grown despite a commitment to putting their nonprofit and university clients above a narrow focus on profit.


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