Building great authoring experiences with Drupal 8 Lightning

Over the past six months my team has been building an open-source, lightweight Drupal distribution that gives developers and site builders a foundation and starter kit for building great websites. 

Lightning helps developers maintain a clear, clean separation between the solutions to common authoring problems (media handling, layout control, workflow management and robust preview capabilities) and the custom solutions needed by their clients.

Out of the box, Lightning provides sensible and customizable default configuration for popular contributed modules like Media Entity, Panels, and Workbench Moderation. Lightning has extensive test coverage to ensure that these modules play nicely with each other.

Dependency management is covered with a Composer-based workflow for installation and updates. Lightning provides an automatic, carefully tested upgrade path so that you can receive new features and updated functionality without breaking anything in your site.

In our session we will explore the insights we have gained building authoring experiences in Drupal 8, demonstrate Lightning and give developers and site-builders an onramp for using Lighting.

Project managers will learn the business value of using a maintained distribution that has an upgrade path, developers will learn how Lighting can speed up their development process by offering default module configurations out of the box and site-builders will find out how to utilise the sophisticated authoring capabilities that are standard in Lighting.

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Schedule Details
Sessions Day 1 (Sat Jul 9)
4:30pm - 5:15pm
Room Conference Room 6