Case Study: Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 Conversion of Five Large-Scale, Ad-Supported Media Sites

Overview of challenges and site improvements

Here Media runs a suite of five LGBT-focused sites with a combined audience of 10 million monthly uniques and 40 million page views. We spent the past 18 months upgrading from D6 to D7. Along the way, we standardized the HTML framework while maintaining unique front-end branding, look and feel for each site.

Topics Covered:

  • Editorial Workflow
  • Removal of Pagination
  • Introduction of Infinite Scroll
  • Standardization of image sizes between all sites
  • Improved Content syndication to social media
  • Google Material Design concepts
  • Migration of legacy content
  • Front-end design challenges
  • Ad frequency and viewability

Drupal Modules used:

  •     Owl Carousel
  •     Bean
  •     Varnish
  •     Lazyload
  •     (more to come)



Skill Level(s):