Continous Integration tools overview

Let's choose the right one for your project

I've been in different projects where we have used different CI tools and I have played with some other ones just for fun (yes, I love CI tools). This has allowed me to have a really good overview of some of the most popular CI tools and I'd love to share this with you (especially if you're looking for a tool to implement in your project).

What is this session about?

In this session I won't tell you which tool is the panacea for every CI requirement; however; I want to give you enough  insights in order to enable you to take the best choice for your project.

What tools are we going to talk about?

I'm almost sure you have listened about them, but maybe haven't had the chance to test them; so, I want to tell you my experience with each one of them:

  • TravisCI
  • CircleCI
  • Wercker
  • Jenkins
  • Jenkins 2

I'll show you at least one Drupal related example using each one of the tools, and all of the code used will be available in Github repositories so that you can take a look after the session.

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Schedule Details
Sessions Day 1 (Sat Jul 9)
10:30am - 11:15am
Room Conference Room 7