Drupal and the College Classroom

Student of Today, Skills of Tomorrow -- Struggles and Methods of Teaching Web Building to the Contemporary College Undergraduate

I am a professor of Information Sciences & Technology at Penn State University. I have been doing Web design and development for 20+ years and teaching it at the college level for 10+. Over the past 3-4 years I've begun incorporating Drupal into the classroom as an application of open source web building technology. I've used it both *as* the online/hybrid classroom, and *in* the classroom. With an emphasis on the latter, I aim to simply discuss and demonstrate some topics and techniques of teaching web building with Drupal. I've passed the idea around the Penn State Drupal Users Group and the devs there say they'd certainly find a lot of use in such a session and they claim they would "definitely attend".

Slides (Slideshare): 
The slides are only roughed in at this point, they are not finished nor are they much to look at, but it shows a skeleton of the presentation.
Skill Level(s):