How to Scale Open Source Load Testing with JMeter, Gatling, Jenkins, and RedLine13

Learn how to create and run scalable open source load tests with Apache JMeter, Gatling, Jenkins, and RedLine13. We demonstrate how to simulate various load's and stress levels that a website might experience, for example, what happens if we simulate 50,000 users or more constantly hitting a website over the course of a few minutes or more? During this talk we will go over open source load testing, the various open source tools out there, how you can use these tests and the value they offer, example tests, and how/why we created RedLine13 as an affordable solution to do so.

Richard Friedman Bio: Richard Friedman one of the cofounders and is the CEO of RedLine13, a cloud-based load testing company. Before co-creating RedLine13, Mr. Friedman was previously the CTO of MeetMe and was a lead project manager for JBoss Operations Network and RedHat Network.


If this talk/presentation isn't valuable, we can present on a wide variety of topics relating to load testing, (ex. creating custom node.js and php tests)


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