No-Ops Nirvana with DevShop

Continuous Integration in a Box



No-Ops is the idea that developers shouldn't have to bother with "operations" at all: They push their code and it gets deployed somewhere, correctly, without anyone needing to intervene. 

No-Ops Nirvana is achieved when your tests are so good, and your code coverage is so complete that you trust your automated tests to decide when to deploy to live: Merge to Master triggers Deploy to Live. 

Some even let the tests decide: Tests Pass triggers Merge to Master triggers Deploy to Live.

In this presentation, like many others, we will extol the virtues of Continuous Integration. We will implore you to embrace automated testing. Like many others, we will send you off saying Go Do This!

We will also discuss reality: CI can take massive amounts of time and money to implement, and even more to maintain long term.

There is a better way: No-Ops

To achieve NoOps for Drupal, we built DevShop: You do not need to know much about servers at all to use devshop. You don't need to know about Jenkins or writing deploy or testing scripts. You don't have to learn chef or puppet or yaml or even bash.

You just need to know about building Drupal websites.

This presentation is geared towards that want continuous integration but don't want to invest the time and energy in setting it up and maintaining it. You do not need to know anything about DevOps or servers to attend this talk.

About DevShop

You can watch an 81 second overview of DevShop here: 

View an earlier version of this presentation:

Install devshop on your own server with the instructions at

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Schedule Details
Sessions Day 1 (Sat Jul 9)
9:30am - 10:15am
Room Conference Room 7