NP8 - enterprise media distribution on Drupal 8

At MD Systems we spent last 2 years working on what we think is the most powerful enterprise media distribution available on Drupal 8. Together with our partner Südostschweitz we invested hundreds of hours to identify most important functionality for enterprise online media publishers and made sure it ships with NP8 by default. While working on it we contributed hundreds of patches to Drupal core and helped porting many of the most important modules.

During this session we’ll briefly explain how the project was managed, how relations between different partners worked, how development was made possible and how we dealt with Drupal 8 early in the release cycle. We will also explain most important features like media asset management, paywall support, dossiers, ad providers integrations, … We will also do a mandatory demo and hopefully inspire you to give NP8 a try and save hundreds of development hours on your next media project.

As a bonus we’ll also explain how we incorporate open-source contributions into our daily routine, which helped us to become most active company contributor to Drupal with probably the highest number of contributions per employee.

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