One Drupal to Rule Them All

The Aegir Hosting System is a Drupal-centric hosting framework, used by thousands of people and organizations, including NASA, NDI and SLAC. They use Aegir to automate all aspects of development and hosting of hundreds, or even thousands, of Drupal and CiviCRM sites, and with the use of contrib extensions, even Wordpress. This session will showcase Aegir's capabilities and some of its more powerful functionality. 

After a brief introduction to the concepts of Sites, Platforms, Servers and Tasks, we'll delve into:

  • Clustering multiple web and database servers to deploy high-performance and highly-available sites and applications.
  • Using custom distributions to manage updates to hundreds of sites at a time.
  • Scheduling site backups, retention policies, cron and other recurring tasks.
  • Git integration and automating workflows across development, staging and production environments.
  • Continuous integration and visual regression testing.
  • Leveraging the Aegir API to customize workflows and deploy custom configuration to sites and web servers.

About the presenter

Christopher Gervais (ergonlogic) is a founder of the Aegir Cooperative and long-time contributor to the Drupal community. He is a co-maintainer of Drush, and one of the lead maintainers of the Drush Make sub-system. Christopher is also the project lead of the Aegir Hosting System, a Drupal, CiviCRM and Wordpress hosting system built atop Drupal and Drush.

Skill Level(s): 
Schedule Details
Sessions Day 1 (Sat Jul 9)
3:30pm - 4:15pm
Room Conference Room 5