Using Drupal 7 to create a developer portal like Ebay Developer Portal

A Developer Portal to expose your APIs, educate developers about your APIs, sign up developers, and let developers register apps

Companies creating APIs to be used by developers typically develop and launch customized Developer portals like and to help developers learn about their APIs, build apps using their APIs, test the apps using custom tools before they are integrated. These portals let API managers create API documentation, let developers blog about their apps and the APIs, and provide threaded community forums.

In this session, I will work you through the process of creating a developer portal with lots of hands-on exercises. But before the hands-on, I will discuss what a developer portal is, why companies develop and launch developer communties, why they are becoming important today and will be more important in the future, and how Drupal CMS is leverage by fortune 500 Inc in this space. I will introduce you products by at least one company that have developed custom private distributions to solve developer portal specific use cases and give you lots of examples of real live developer portals using Drupal today.


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Schedule Details
Sessions Day 1 (Sat Jul 9)
4:30pm - 5:15pm
Room Conference Room 8