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Aegir Summit 2016

Open Source Hosting for Drupal

Sun. Jul. 10/16,
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Aegir is the open source hosting platform for Drupal, CiviCRM, and now WordPress. Join the Aegir community and maintainers for a day of presentations, discussions, and sprints!

Featured Events

Official Formation of Aegir Cooperative

Recently the maintainers of Aegir formed the Aegir Cooperative, a legal entity in Quebec Canada whose mission is to grow and support the Aegir project. The first official meeting of the Aegir Cooperative must be in person, so we are meeting at NYCCamp 2016 to formally sign the formation documents!

KEYNOTE: Drupal As A Service NASA Using Aegir

Two years ago Mobomo was tasked with creating a Drupal-as-a-Service platform for NASA. Aegir was an obvious choice to be the foundation for this platform. Miles McLean & Lucas Riutzel from Mobomo present.

Point. Click. Cloud: Build your Own with Aegir & Ansible

Jon Pugh presents a new suite of tools for Aegir fully automates server creation, configuration, and site deployment from the team at OpenDevShop.

Turn-key WordPress hosting with Aegir

Mathieu Lutfy (bgm) presents on their work adding Wordpress support to Aegir.

Other Topics

  • State of Aegir
  • Automated Visual Regression Testing with Selenium and Drulenium
  • Drupal in Gov at European Commission
  • Drupal in Gov at NASA: Drupal As A Service
  • Drupal in Gov at SLAC
  • Aegir Software as a Service
  • Aegir Cloud deployments with Chef, Ansible and Puppet
  • Aegir & Make

Official Aegir sites
Aegir Project documentation

Unofficial Aegir sites
Aegir For Gov (unofficial commercial site) (unofficial community site)

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