Configuring Layouts with Drupal 8 - Training

How to build layouts and landing pages for Drupal 8

Fri. Jul. 8/16

Planning layouts is an important part of the Drupal site building process. This training will cover how to set up the configuration to place content in a Drupal 8 website. We'll cover various approaches using Paragraphs, Panels, Context, Views, and blocks. We'll also touch on different theming approaches and ensuring that your layouts are responsive.

You'll walk away with some new tips and tricks under your belt. A lot of these techniques are relevant to Drupal 7 as well.

Specifically, we'll cover:

  • ConfiguringĀ Drupal components to use in your layouts
  • Designing successful landing pages
  • Approaches to Drupal 8 theming

This training is presented by Evolving Web and represents a portion of our Drupal 8 training curriculum.

Skill Level(s): 
Front End Developers, Site Builders
Panels, Theming, blocks, user interface