Drupal 101: All the basics, none of the calories....

Learn to Navigate the Drupal Ecosystem

Fri. Jul. 8/16

This session is meant as a high-level introduction to Drupal. We will go over concepts, terminology, strategies for navigating the Drupal ecosystem, an overview of what is coming in Drupal 8 etc.

Concepts & Terminology

  • Nodes & Entities
  • People, Roles & Permissions
  • Menus
  • Modules & Themes
  • Views
  • Taxonomies & Vocabularies

The Drupal EcoSystem

  • Drupal.org
  • Conferences & Meetups
  • IRC, StackOverflow, etc.

Coming Soon

  • Proudly found elsewhere
  • CMI
  • Twig
  • Services & "Headless Drupal"

This session will be largely a discussion mixed in with demonstrations. It is appropriate for developers at any level who are entirely new to Drupal, business and product folks who's teams use (or are considering) Drupal, and other fun people...

Skill Level(s): 
Beginner, Intermediate