Site Building With Drupal

Learn to Leverage Drupal for the Assembled Web

Fri. Jul. 8/16

This training is scheduled for Friday July 8th from 9 AM to 12 PM.

During this training you'll learn just how much you can do with Drupal just by using basic features and installing and configuring Drupal's contributed modules. Learn how to create:

  • FAQ's
  • custom member profiles
  • an events calendar and listings
  • user rights management
  • comment moderation
  • editorial workflows

In the process, you'll learn about:

  • best practices in Drupal project planning
  • Drupal's inherent tools and subsystems
  • custom content types
  • Views
  • taxonomy
  • search tools
  • URL aliasing
  • module selection
  • customized site administration
  • ...and more!

And you won't write a stitch of code. This course is suitable for users who are both new to Drupal and seeking to broaden their Drupal skills. Some experience with web development and/or using Drupal is helpful, but not required. (You can easily install your own copy of Drupal on your laptop to experiment with. We suggest Acquia Dev Desktop.)

Course materials: Attendees will receive a PDF manual which outlines step-by-step activities. Students must bring their own laptop computer.

Why Be a Builder?

Today's websites are dynamic, feature-rich, and very often collaboratively managed. In the old days, the cost and knowledge required to create such sites would put them out of reach for all but the most skilled developers and largest organizations. Not anymore.

The growth of powerful CMSs like Drupal has brought us to the world of the 'assembled web,' where sites are largely made up of pre-built components that are combined and configured--not custom-coded. 

Yesterday's code-centric webmaster has evolved into the experience-centric site builder.

Drupal, with its contributed (in other words, FREE) modules and themes, gives the site builder an incredibly powerful and flexible toolkit. These tools make it possible to build sites that are interactive, easily integrated with popular services and applications, infinitely customizable, and capable of supporting multiple classes of users…all without writing a line of code.

Join us and discover what you are capable of when you build with Drupal!

Skill Level(s): 
Beginner, Intermediate
Everyone, Project Managers, Site Builders